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4Rabet’ expertise in the fantasy space has enabled them to roll out one of the best sports betting products in the industry in 4Rabet Sportsbook. 

Few sportsbooks in the India bring the brand recognition, reach, marketing power and product quality of 4Rabet Sportsbook. With both live and online betting offerings, 4Rabet Sportsbook and the 4Rabet Sportsbook mobile app have reached countless bettors and connected them to the legal, regulated market.

4Rabet promo code

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Remember, only your first deposit qualifies for the 4Rabet Sportsbook promo code. 

4Rabet Sportsbook will then convert the bonus funds into your account as real money at a rate of $1 per $25 played on 4Rabet – including DFS and casino play.

4Rabet Sportsbook

Promo Code Details

4Rabet Promo Code

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4Rabet Sportsbook Welcome Offer

$50 with 1st Deposit

4Rabet Sportsbook Deposit Bonus

20% Up to $1,000

4Rabet DFS Welcome Offer

$20 Free on 1st Deposit

4Rabet DFS Deposit Bonus

20% Up to $500

Last Verified

November 2022

4Rabet betting guide

Signing up for a 4Rabet Sportsbook account is easy. Start by clicking the link above – remember that will also get you the best 4Rabet promo code – and you will be taken over the 4Rabet website. 

First keep in mind that before you can place a single wager via computer, you must download the GeoComply plug-in. 4Rabet Sportsbook has the relevant links as well as a help page, if you run into any difficulties in allowing location data or enabling the plug-in to work properly.

How to sign up

In some locales, going to 4Rabet may default to the daily fantasy sports website. In that case, click “Sportsbook” in the menu at the top of the page. 

4Rabet Sportsbook will prompt you for an email, a username and a password. One box may prompt you for a 4Rabet Sportsbook promo code. Since you registered via the link above, you don’t need one to take full advantage of the best 4Rabet sign-up offer.

4Rabet Bonus Code

Betting is rampant this time of year with the NFL and college football in full swing, and the World Series underway.

Below are NFL Week 9 odds from 4Rabet Sportsbook.

We don’t have any odds for upcoming NFL games.

Best promos of the week

The big 4Rabet Sportsbook promo for new user sign-ups will eventually dry up, even if you take advantage for the maximum. However, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can still frequently find more value given to users by 4Rabet via weekly and daily promotions, odds boosts, etc. Here is what 4Rabet has cooking this week.

TNF Boost: 4Rabet has a mega boost available for Thursday Night Football bettors. This week’s boost is a Cordarrelle Patterson anytime TD boosted to +200

Keep coming back to check on the promotions page throughout the year, especially before big events like the start of football season and March Madness. 4Rabet runs tons of high-value contests and gives some value back to the customers in the form of odds boosts and promos that you can track from the “Promos” tab at the top of the page. On the app, you’ll find it in the bottom right.

4Rabet Sportsbook review

Now that you’re set up with your account and accompanying 4Rabet Sportbook promo code, you’ll want to know how 4Rabet works and what it offers. 

The betting options and possibilities on 4Rabet Sportsbook are so vast that it would take far more than the words in this review to run through them all. But we’ll touch on a few key pieces of info that should give you an idea of what to expect as a 4Rabet Sportsbook customer.


4Rabet user interface / design

On the 4Rabet Sportsbook mobile app, the default page is a bit of a potpourri. Different offers, sports and parlays are all thrown at you right in the middle of the screen, which can be overwhelming at first glance. 

The easiest way to get around is to let your eyes track to the bottom of the app screen. There, you can quickly navigate to different parts of the app with the main buttons: Home, In-Game, My Bets, All Sports and the aforementioned 4Rabet Sportsbook Promos page. 

Click All Sports and you can navigate by scrolling down in alphabetical order of sport (not league) or just type something into the top search bar. For example, type in “football” to bring up the CFL, College football, NFL and NFL preseason. But if you know you want to bet your favorite team to win the Super Bowl, it’s fastest to just type “NFL.” 

On the website, you’ll want to look to the left side of the screen. There, you can find “A-Z Sports” which gets you started finding any market you like. Scroll down a bit for shortcuts to popular big markets like NFL playoffs and March Madness. When you select a sport, a submenu of links to different leagues pops up, and you can click the one you’re looking to bet. 

This takes you to a page where you can see some markets, as the default page will usually be “Game Lines.” You can see you’re there because that submenu option will be underlined in green. There, you can bet on any one game. Simply scroll to the right – swipe on the app – to navigate to futures, props and other markets for that sport. 

Reading the game markets is easy. In sports that traditionally employ handicaps, you’ll see the handicap for each team first with the price in bright green. Then, you’ll see the total, followed by the moneyline furthest to the right. 

Once you’ve selected a bet, your bet slip appears as an overlay on the app or on the right on desktop. You can keep clicking more bets to build a parlay on the website. On the app, press “Add More” and the bet slip will minimize and allow you to continue shopping. 

To build a 4Rabet Sportsbook same game parlay, start by clicking one of the team names. That takes you to all markets for that game such as player and game props as well as alternate lines. A large bar at the top of the screen or app will say “Same Game Parlay” in bright green. Activate that option by clicking the white circle. You’re now in same game parlay mode, which you can toggle off in the same manner to just bet normally.

Overall, 4Rabet Sportsbook has a pretty intuitive navigation system. The appearance can be a bit overwhelming on the website with all of the white text thrown at you – the app generally looks a bit cleaner. Both experiences are very similar, which makes using one option or the other nice and easy if you’re used to the app or vice versa. 

Different betting markets

Given 4Rabet Sportsbook’s position as a market leader, the team there is highly incentivized to offer as wide a selection of bets as possible. To that end, you’ll usually find as big a selection on 4Rabet Sportsbook as anywhere else. 

Naturally, all of leagues like the NFL and NBA have massive menus of possible bets from game lines to futures to alternate pricing to player props. But those hunting for obscure options will also find something to their taste. 4Rabet Sportsbook has offerings for international competitions and domestic leagues like Japanese baseball and Polish soccer. 


The 4Rabet sign-up offer obviously stands as the flagship 4Rabet promotion. We’ve already run through that $1,050 4Rabet sign-up offer, and you don’t even need a 4Rabet Sportsbook bonus code to add it to your account.

Returning customers aren’t completely left in the lurch, though. Simply open the app and check the promos button in the bottom right to get a look at current 4Rabet promo offerings. From the sportsbook website, find the same button on the main menu between “Live In-Game” and “How To Bet.”

Peruse each one and be sure to read the terms and conditions if you’re unsure how each one works. You may have to opt in for some 4Rabet bonus offers.

4Rabet also offers a rewards program called Missions that has ported over from its DFS offering. Browse through this product to see if it will bring anything to your betting experience. 

4Rabet support

4Rabet support is easiest to find on the app. Press the account icon in the top left and scroll down a bit to see the help center. Some static reference pages are available here. Press “Get Help” if you want to contact someone, and then scroll down past the FAQs to click “Contact Support.” There, you can send an email to 4Rabet Sportsbook or activate a live chat in the bottom right. 

These same options are available on the website by scrolling to the very bottom. Get Help is beneath the “Company” heading.

You can also reach them on Twitter @4Rabet_Assist.

4Rabet banking options

4Rabet Sportsbook offers several deposit options for funding your account. Most likely, you’ll have a convenient way of getting this done.

Keep in mind that not all deposit options are available. Local regulations may limit your options. But, here are some of the easy ways to fund your 4Rabet Sportsbook account:

  • Online bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Debit card
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash at affiliated retail location

4Rabet Sportsbook has organized deals with stores like CVS and 7 Eleven, some of which are included among the latter option. They can accept up to $500 in cash for funding your 4Rabet account.

You can begin a cashout process by clicking the account icon in the top left of the app or clicking “Account Information” in the top right after clicking your account icon. Once you’ve entered the amount, the options will populate. They may not be as robust as deposit options, but they should include at least card, PayPal or physical check. The latter takes the longest but each one has a time estimate, so be sure to plan ahead if you need the funds from your account.

4Rabet FAQs

Is 4Rabet Sportsbook legal?

Yes. 4Rabet has gained regulatory approval all over the country. That means betting with 4Rabet is legal.

Is 4Rabet Sportsbook safe?

Betting with 4Rabet Sportsbook is quite safe, at least as far as betting in general is safe. Of course, you’re always risking your money in a general sense, but you don’t have to worry about any thievery or insolvency. Regulators have cleared 4Rabet Sportsbook to operate, which means they are satisfied with their security and finance management.

What’s the best 4Rabet Sportsbook promo code?

No 4Rabet promo code is required for you to gain the best 4Rabet bonus. Get up to $1,050 in bonus money as part of the 4Rabet sign-up offer by simply signing up for a new account via the links above and following the instructions listed.

Is there an age requirement at 4Rabet Sportsbook?

Generally speaking, while legal betting age can be as low as 18 in some places, you need to be 21 in order to make an account and play at 4Rabet Sportsbook. Age and identity verification at 4Rabet Sportsbook will ensure compliance for users who want to open an account. Again, regulators have vetted these processes and ensured their accuracy.

Should I use the 4Rabet Sportsbook mobile app or the 4Rabet website?

Personal preference rules here. Generally speaking, the app experience looks a little cleaner and less cluttered with text compared to the web experience. By contrast, the advantage to using the website is it allows you to see more markets at once due to a bigger screen. 4Rabet Sportsbook has poured plenty of resources into its interface, so it isn’t lacking for attention. 

Can I bet with 4Rabet Sportsbook through my old 4Rabet fantasy sports app?

No, these are two separate apps. If you’re active on both DFS and betting, the web experience may be preferable because it offers a more smooth transition back and forth between the two. On mobile, you’ll be swapping between two separate apps, which can be a pain.

Does 4Rabet Sportsbook have a rewards program?

4Rabet Sportsbook does offer a few rewards programs. Like with DFS, players earn “crowns” for bets placed, which can then be redeemed for 4Rabet credits and such. There are also Missions, which reward users in a similar manner for placing certain types of bets each day. 

Finally, high rollers can enroll in the 4Rabet Sportsbook VIP program. That will likely produce more ad-hoc rewards depending on level of play. 

What responsible gaming options are available on 4Rabet Sportsbook?

4Rabet Sportsbook has readily available responsible gaming links on both the website and the app. On the 4Rabet Sportsbook app, click the account icon in the top left and then scroll down to find the responsible gaming section. On the website, it’s even easier, one click away in the top right corner. 

Here, you’ll find problem gaming help lines to call that’s what you seek. Additionally, you can set deposit limits, betting limits, time limits and enter into a self-exclusion program.

Here, you’ll also find options for further securing your account including password resets and two-factor authentication. 

Does 4Rabet Sportsbook offer live betting?

Yes, live betting is a huge part of the 4Rabet Sportsbook experience. So much so it has its own button at the top of the website and at the bottom of the app. Just click “In-Game” to get an instant list of live options and be ready to attack quickly because the markets will be on the move. 

Can I bet same game parlays at 4Rabet Sportsbook?

Yes, 4Rabet Sportsbook has a huge menu of potential games for building the now-popular same game parlays. Again, you simply navigate to the game you wish to same game parlay and activate the slider to enter same game parlay mode on 4Rabet. 

How do taxes work on 4Rabet Sportsbook?

Oddly enough, the easiest place to get your tax info from 4Rabet Sportsbook is on the mobile app. Press the account button in the top left, then press “Financial Center.” There, you can find account statements, transaction history, ID verification and tax document downloads. 

How secure is my 4Rabet Sportsbook account?

4Rabet offers two-factor authentication to help add a layer of security to your account. It also periodically logs you out to make sure nobody can stumble upon your logged-in account and make use of it. Again, remember that regulators have thoroughly vetted 4Rabet’ security protocols.

Can I fund my 4Rabet Sportsbook account with PayPal?

Yes, both PayPal is available as an easy, quick funding method for your 4Rabet Sportsbook account, no different than when you use 4Rabet for DFS purposes.

4Rabet Sportsbook made a mistake grading my bet. How do I get my winnings/money back?

First things first. Give your bet slip a thorough once over. Be sure you didn’t make a mistake or misread the market. In such cases, you’re stuck and just have to eat the loss. Certain terms and conditions may apply to the market as well. In some cases, bets may be canceled at the operator’s discretion.

If you’re still certain 4Rabet erred, the next step would be contacting support. Scroll up for more info on support options. Hopefully, a 4Rabet Sportsbook agent can help you sort out the issue and resolve it if the error indeed occurred on their end.